Photography started as a hobby, but as I upgraded my equipment and skills (I've taken many shooting and editing  classes under well known professionals in the area), more and more people began to ask for shoots of their families and loved ones. And my second career was born.

I really enjoy the whole process from initial conversations with a client, to planning the shoot, and shooting and editing.  I use photographic techniques and a light editing touch to create a  photograph that is more than just documentation of a moment in time.  Rather, I hope that it helps you to relive in the future the feelings that you had in the moment it was taken.

what do i shoot?

I'll shoot just about anything, but so far I've focused primarily on family, pets, newborns, maternity and engagements.  Feel free to ask if you are looking for something else.  Although, I'll let you know up front that I'm not inclined to shoot weddings at this point...

I also love to take pictures of nature and I may sell prints in the future.  When I'm not teaching (my first career) or doing shoots, I'm often out kayaking or exploring the parks and coast of LI with camera in hand.